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Below is a short overview of our current projects. If you are interested in more information about a particular project, please click on the relevant link. 


    Is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium.


    Aims at securing the sustainability of CLARIN ERIC, technically as well as organisationally.

  • DanNet

    A wordnet for Danish.


    Is a Danish research infrastructure initiative in the humanities area.


    An infrastructure that aims at facilitating cooperation and exchange of lexicographic data and knowledge across EU.

  • ELRC

    Aims at identifying and collecting language resources from public institutions for use in automatic translation in EU.

  • eTranslation Termbank

    Aims at identification and collection of terminology data from public institutions for use in automatic translation in EU.

  • From thesaurus to FrameNet

    Development of a FrameNet for Danish from the Danish Thesaurus.


    Aims at strengthening the cohesion of research in the Humanities

  • ReProsis

    Real Time Big Data Product Analysis

  • Video Life Cycle Data Management

    The project will expand the existing multimedia platform Edumedia with data management functions.

  • Closed projects

    See a list of projects that Centre for Language Technology closed since 2007.