As the Centre’s overall mission encompasses to engage in the education and training of scholars and PhD students in the fields of language technology, NLP and cognitive modelling, the Centre is currently engaged in two study programmes:

  • At MA level: MSc study programme in IT and Cognition comprising 120 ETCS addressing computational cognitive science with focus especially on NLP and image processing.
  • At BA level: the ‘It & Sprog’ elective course package comprising 30 ECTS on programming and NLP

MA Program in IT & Cognition

The MA, which is organized in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, was very positively evaluated in 2020. The programme started in 2008 and became international in 2013. The applications to the programme have been increasing every year and were 230 in 2021. The students found qualified have covered approx. 80% of the applicants every year, however, due to dimensioning, the programme can only admits around 29 students per year.

'It & Sprog' elective course package

The BA electives are quite popular with around 30 participants every year coming from all over the faculty. The courses prepare scholars from HUM for the MA programme, but they also generally prepare them for the job market in providing them with a number of language-related IT and programming skills. It should be considered whether to extent the It&Sprog course package with an additional course in eLexicography. Such a cause should include also other staff at NorS (and maybe at FAK) engaged in lexicographical projects and digital approaches to word description.

New BA in ‘Kognition og Datavidenskab'

In addition to the MA, a new BA in ‘Kognition og Datavidenskab’ has been approved by the Ministry and will embark in 2023 according to the plans. The programme is a collaborative programme with SAMF, SCIENCE and HUM, and The Centre will contribute with one of the obligatory modules (‘Sprog og sprogprocessering’) and also be open for further electives in the programme.