CST staff members teach a number of courses in linguistics, language technology and cognitive science.

MA Program in IT & Cognition

The MA Program in IT & Cognition is a small, focused MA program for ambitious students interested in how technology can push frontiers in cognitive science, and how cognitive science can push frontiers in technology. All courses are taught in English. Read more about the MA Programme in IT & Cognition.

Elective Courses in IT & Language

CST also offers a 45 ECTS "tilvalg" (module of elective BA courses). The module consists of three courses: Information Retrieval (on Google and search engines; and how to write computer programs that exploit advanced information retrieval technologies), IT in linguistic and literary studies (learn how to corpus-based studies in your own corpora of literary texts or tweets or Facebook updates), and Machine Translation (understanding and programming with Google Translate and related technologies). Read more about the elective courses in IT & Language (in Danish).