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Online CST tools

CST has developed a large number of tools and resources within the subject of computational linguistics, and we think that they will also prove useful to others. 

  • Combine tools

    You can combine the online tools or
    you access each tool from the list below.

  • Keyword extractor

    Extracts 20 keywords characterising an input text.

  • Lemmatiser

    Reduces all words in a text to their base form, the lemma.


    Multilingual corpus of the University of Copenhagen.

  • Multi word terms

    Lists all occurrences of the same multi word term from a text.

  • Name recogniser

    Classifies names as proper names, locations or other names.

  • NP recogniser

    Collects words that constitute noun phrases

  • POS tagger

    Marks each word in a text with information
    about word class and morphological features.

  • Tokeniser

    Tokenisation and segmentation program for
    text and RTF files.