DanNet is a so-called wordnet for Danish. It is primarily meant for digital use for instance in language technology services. The wordnet can be downloaded, and you can search it online using https://andreord.nors.ku.dk/ (in Danish).

As opposed to a traditional dictionary where focus is on the definition, it focuses mainly on a concept’s relations to other concepts. For instance, it can be seen in DanNet that dværgpil (dwarf willow) is a kind of busk (bush), that a lysthus (gazebo) can be found in a have (garden), that fiberdrys (fibre powder) is used for spise (eating), that kager (cakes) are typically produced by bagning (baking) and typically contain mel (flour) and sukker (sugar): 

All in all, the wordnet currently contains 66,308 concepts kept together by 326,566 relations.