Multimodal Child Language Acquisition

Multimodal Child Language Acquisition is a network funded by the Danish Research Councils running from March 2019 to August 2021. The network aims to establish a novel research collaboration between the Centre for Language Technology, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and the Linguistics Department at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) around child language acquisition.

Figure showing the three research areas of the group
UCPH: Multimodality and NLP; HKU: Language typology and aquisition; CUHK: Bilingualism in children

Examples of relevant themes to be addressed are as follows:

  1. Simultaneous acquisition of languages in bi/trilingual children (Chinese-English/ Danish-English/ Chinese-Danish) with focus on the importance of gestures, emotions, and facial expressions.
  2. Study of transfer/interference in second language learning and analysis of the degree of similarity between the first and second language (e.g. Danish-English, Danish-Chinese, Chinese-English).
  3. Code-mixing and code-switching phenomena and their possible effect on language acquisition and social impact.

Group photo

Alice Tse, Patrizia Paggio and Costanza Navarretta (UCPH) visiting Professor Virginia Yip og Professor Stephen Matthews and their group at  The Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre, CUHK.






Researchers from the University of Copenhagen 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alice Ping Ping Tse Postdoc +4535336263 E-mail
Costanza Navarretta Senior Researcher +4535329079 E-mail
Patrizia Paggio Associate Professor +4535329072 E-mail
Sussi Olsen Academic Research Staff +4535329064 E-mail

External researchers

Virginia Yip, professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre

Stephen Matthews, professor, The University of Hong Kong and The Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre

Sin Yee Li, the University of Hong Kong

Workshop - new dates

The International Workshop on Language Acquisition in Copenhagen will be held, 22-23 June 2021.


Costanza Navarretta
Senior researcher at the Centre for Language Technology
Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics
University of Copenhagen