The project “Infrastructuralism” aims to build up an international interactive infrastructure for the study of structuralism, and more specifically an integrated repository of the digitalized correspondence and unpublished documents of the most important Danish structural linguists, primarily Louis Hjelmslev and people connected with him. 

Louis Hjelmslevs arkiv på Det Kgl. Bibliotek
Louis Hjelmslev's archives at the The Royal Library. Photo: Lorenzo Cigana
Louis Hjelmslevs arkiv på Det Kgl. Bibliotek


The project is a collaboration between

  • Aarhus University
  • University of Copenhagen
  • The Royal Danish Library
  • The Danish Society for Language and Literature
  • indgår som partner i projektet

Project homepage

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Project members at NorS

Name Title Phone E-mail
Dorte Haltrup Hansen Academic Research Staff +4535329070 E-mail
Simon Gray Academic Research Officer +4535337688 E-mail



The project has received a funding of 8.2 million DKK from the The Carlsberg Foundation

Project period: 1 Februar 2019 to  31 January 2022.

Henrik Jørgensen
Associate professor
Aarhus University


Lorenzo Cigana
Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics
University of Copenhagen