The Central Word Register for Danish

The Central Word Register for Danish (COR) is a collaborative project between the Society for Danish Language and Literature, the Danish Language Council, Centre for Language Technology at UCPH and the Danish Agency for Digitisation to develop a joint Danish language resource for AI purposes. The objective of the project is partly to support an efficient sharing of Danish language resources, and partly to make a sense inventory of Danish words (lemmas) available to companies and researchers working with AI. COR incorporates and upgrades i.a. resources previously developed by CST and DSL such as the Danish wordnet DanNet, the Danish FrameNet and a Danish sentiment lexicon.

Project Partners

  • Agency for Digitisation
  • The Danish Language Council
  • The Society for Danish Language and Literature (DSL)
  • University of Copenhagen, NorS, Centre for Language Technology (CST)

The project is managed by the four partners jointly.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Gray, Simon Academic Research Officer +4535337688 E-mail
Olsen, Sussi Academic Research Staff +4535329064 E-mail
Pedersen, Bolette Sandford Professor, Deputy Head of Department +4535329078 E-mail


Agency of Digitisation

The project is funded by The Agency of Digitisation.

Funding: 5.189.970 kr. in total.

Project period: march 2021 to december 2023.


PI: Bolette Sandford Pedersen,
professor, Deputy head of department