A Danish computational dictionary

The large computational dictionary, STO, contains dictionary data stored in a database and designed for computational applications. STO is a comprehensive and detailed computational lexicon for Danish, available for research as well as for commercial purposes.

The material is primarily developed for computational applications, but it may also constitute a valuable basis for other purposes, as for example in preparation of materal for language lessons or traditional lexicographic projects.

Read more about STO              Read the STO documentation of morphology and syntax

The STO database is available in CSV format or the Lexical Markup Language format. The Lexical Markup Language is an internationally well-known and accepted XML format and the ISO standard for Natural Language Processing (NLP) lexicons. See www.lexicalmarkupframework.org for more information on LMF. 

Read about the LMF version, see the differences between the original STO and the STO-LMF and download a sample of the lexicon.

STO Morphology in LMF        Samples of STO morphology

STO Syntax in LMF               Samples of STO syntax

STO is publicly available under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license and can be downloaded from the CLARIN-DK repository.