Semantic Processing across Domains

The project is closed. 

Next generation information technology will rely on adequate semantic processing. Extending such technology to Danish requires semantically annotated data, but also more methods that are more robust to data scarcity and domain shifts than current state-of-the-art methods. 

The project partners developed scalable sense inventories for Danish on the basis of existing lexical resources (The Danish Dictionary and the Danish wordnet, DanNet) and provided semantic corpus annotations of Danish texts.

The project went beyond state of the art in recent semantic processing by developing machine learning methods that require less data and are less sensitive to domain shifts.

The semantic models induced from such data by the developed methods was evaluated in a semantic search engine on the national dictionary site developed at the Society for Language and Literature, as well as in a Danish question-answering platform that has been developed by The University of Copenhagen and The Technical University of Denmark in the ESICT project.
























































































The project includes two project partners:

Centre for Language Technology, University of Copenhagen

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bolette Sandford Pedersen Professor, Deputy Head of Department +4535329078 E-mail


The Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Semantic Processing across Domains was funded by the Danish Council for independent research| Humanities for the period 2013 – 2017 with a grant of DKK 5.7 m (DFF-1319-00123). 


The project was a collaborate project between the University of Copenhagen and The Society for Danish Language and Literature.

Project period: 2013 - 2017


The project was led by professor Bolette Sandford Pedersen and Associate professor Anders Søgaard, Centre for Language Technology, University of Copenhagen.

The project in the media

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The Society for Language and Literature

Name Title Email
Sanni Nimb Senior Editor Email

Other project participants

Anders Johannsen, Postdoc, Centre for Language Technology
Héctor Martínez Alonso, Postdoc, Centre for Language Technology
Sussi A. Olsen, Research Associate,  Centre for Language Technology

Nicolai Hartvig Sørensen, Senior Editor, The Society for Danish Language and Literature

Ida Hauerberg Wolthers, Student Assistant
Sara Lee Naldal, Student Assistant
Selma Rosenfeldt-Olsen, Student Assistant