11 January 2021

The MultiModal MultiDimensional (M3D) labeling system

The M3D labeling system represents a joint effort between three gesture labs (one of the GEHM labs, e.g., the Prosodic Studies Group at Universtitat Pompeu Fabra)

 the Language and Cognition Research Group, UOC; Speech Communication Group, MIT) to design a comprehensive guide for the annotation of multimodal speech corpora, particularly focusing on co-speech gestures, their relationship with prosody, and their semantic and pragmatic properties. The main motivation for proposing this multidimensional analysis comes from our recent work arguing for a more dimensional view of McNeill's (1992) classic descriptive gesture types and for the need to integrate analysis of both the form and pragmatic meaning of prosodic and gestural aspects of a spoken utterance. The first version of M3D can be found here: https://osf.io/ankdx/.