DASISH maintains a list of publications and presentations about DASISH relevant subjects produced by DASISH partners during the project.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (INFRA-2011-2.3.1) under grant agreement number 238646.

Publications, presentations and posters


  • Belloni, M., Brugiavini, A., Meschi, E. and Tijdens, K.: Measurement error in occupational coding: an analysis on SHARE data, AIAS Working Paper 151, Universiteit van Amsterdam.


  • Broeder, D. & van Uytvanck, D.: FIM for the SSH. Presentation at FIM (Federated Identity Management) Workshop, Villigen, Schwitzerland, March 21 2013.


Fact sheets

DASISH has produced or will produce various fact sheets to be downloaded for use in e.g. training, education and dissemination events. See list below.