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Closed projects

Below is a short overview of our closed projects. If you are interested in more information about a particular project, please click on the relevant link. Since we don't update these pages anymore, we apologize for broken links, outdated mails and phone numbers etc. At the bottom you will find a link to projects closed before 2008.

  • CLARA was about common language resources and their applications - a Marie Curie ITN
  • CLARIN EU was a European ERIC – European Research Infrastructure Consortium
  • CLARIN Plus aimed at securing the sustainability of CLARIN ERIC, technically as well as organisationally. 
  • DAD - The Abstract Det was a project developing a formal model of the use of Danish pronominal abstract anaphora.
  • DanNet was a research- and development project on a Danish lexical semantic wordnet.
  • DASISH was a data service infrastructure for the social sciences and humanities.
  • Development of a lemmatiser and PoS tagger, a digital tool for 19th century Danish.
  • DK-CLARIN was Danish research infrastructure integrating written, spoken, and visual records. 
  • E in Science the centre participates in the University of Copenhagen platform E in Science
  • ESICT Development of an IT system answering health questions.
  • From thesaurus to FrameNet Development of a FrameNet for Danish from the Danish Thesaurus.
  • Language Technology Observatory Aims at creating an overview of available language resources for machine translation
  • Let'sMT! was a EU project about statistic machine translation (in Danish only).
  • Leksikalsk disambiguering (in Danish only).
  • MEDAR was a network for Mediterranean Arabic Language and Speech Technology.
  • MELFA Mobile e-Learning for Africa. The project was aimed at South Africans with reading difficulties. 
  • MELFO - Mobile elearning for dyslexics (in Danish).
  • META-NORD was an EU project with aim of developing language resources for the less resourced languages in the Baltic and Nordic countries.
  • MULINCO - Multilingual Corpus of the University of Copenhagen (In Danish only).
  • NOMCO - A collaborative Nordic analysis of multimodal spoken language corpora.
  • Nordic online dictionary (In Danish only).
  • PaTrans (In Danish only).
  • Reprosis
  • SDMT - Statistical dependency-based machine translation (In Danish only).
  • Semantic Processing across Domains - is concerned with semantic processing and domain adaptation.
  • Texts and dictionaries.
  • Validation Centre ELRA chose Centre for Language Technology as validator for written language resourses.
  • Verbal and bodily communication
  • Video Life Cycle Data Management Expansion of the existing multimedia platform Edumedia with data management functions.