Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen

Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen


Current research

  • The position of adverbs in clauses and a type classification of adverbs in Danish Sign Language
  • Grammar for Danish Sign Language 

Grants since 2011

  • Language and Cognition - Perspectives from Impairment (LaCPI) 2011-2014 (PI) - Danish Council for Independent Research - Culture and Communication (DKK 4,042,768) 
  • Speaker(un)certainty in sign language 2016-2017 (PI) - Oticon Foundation (DKK 57,826)
  • Danish Sign Language and SignGram Blueprint 2018-2019 (PI) - Augustinusfonden, Direktør Alfred Jacobsens Fond and Schwab Charitable Fund (DKK 175,438) 

Primary fields of research

  • The relationship between language-specific structure and cognition
  • The morphology and syntax of Danish Sign Language (DTS)


  • Danish grammar
  • The grammar of spoken Danish
  • Grammatical analysis
  • Introduction to linguistics
  • Cognitive-functional linguistics
  • Linguistic methodology
  • Linguistic theories
  • Semantics and pragmatics


  • Grammatical topics in Danish and Danish Sign Language (DTS)
  • Acquisition of grammar
  • Gesture and language
  • Topics in semantics, pragmatics and cognitive-functional grammar

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